Tracking, Tracing and Transport Management Rank High in Cloud

Most logistics service providers that have adopted cloud-based technology use it for tracking and tracing and for transport management, according to a survey done by Eyefortransport. Business intelligence (35%), customer relationship management (31%), warehouse management (31%), EDI (27%), and enterprise resource planning (19%) followed in order of usage. Reducing operating costs and needing 24/7 accessibility were the most common drivers, though the provision of advanced IT services and increased flexibility were also seen as important factors.

Transport and logistics providers not using cloud-based technologies were asked to identify the most important reasons for their decision not to do so. Lack of control, security risks, and risk of service interruptions were the most common reasons reported.

35% of the survey respondents represented companies with annual revenues of more than $1 billion while another 10% of respondents represented companies with annual revenues between $250 million - $1 billion. 23% of respondents represented companies with annual revenues below $5 million. The remainder fell somewhere in between. The majority of respondents were based in North America (39%) or Europe (37%), with the remainder mostly in the Asia/Pacific region but also some in Africa, Latin/South America, and the Middle East.

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