Saukville, WI. . . Omega Trak-Shield is a heavy-duty structural steel door guard designed to protect overhead door tracks and save track repair costs. The unit is built to absorb the impact of a forklift or other in-plant vehicle.

Trak-Shield anchors to the interior building floor to provide maximum door track protection without interfering with normal door operation. Its unique, low profile shape wraps around the door track to protect against front and side impacts. Trak-Shield is more durable and cost effective when compared to conventional pipes and embedded concrete bollards. It takes minutes to install and can be easily replaced, if damaged by a high impact collision. Unlike traditional pipe bollard protection, Trak-Shield can be quickly dismounted to gain access to door apparatus and provides a solid platform for attaching photo-eyes, limit switches and other door accessories. Standard Trak-Shield height is 48”; custom sizes are also available upon request. Omega also offers the Z-Guard Overhead Door Guard. The Z-Guard is an economy version of the Trak-Shield. The Z-Guard attaches only to a building wall and is not available as a floor mounted design.

Omega Trak-Shields and Z-Guards are protected with an attractive, durable, powder coat finish that includes ultraviolet and sea spray enhancements. The Omega finish offers years of maintenance free protection even for outdoor applications. The bright OSHA approved traffic safety yellow color is highly visible even in low light conditions. Custom colors and finishes also available upon request.

Omega Industrial Products offers heavy-duty Safety Barriers, Industrial/Commercial Guardrails, Trak-Shield Overhead Door Track Guards, Column Guards, Downspout/Pipe Guards, Rack Guards, Pipe Bollards and HDPE Bollard Covers, Quick-Step Structural Stairway Systems, and Handrails. All products feature an attractive, durable, OSHA approved traffic safety yellow powder coat finish.

For additional information, contact Omega Industrial Products at 800-521-8272, FAX 262-284-4199, or visit the company's web site at

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