Sturtevant, WI - Topper Industrial, introduces the TRANS4MER cart. The TRANS4MER cart is a (4) four-wheel steering cart that transforms into a (2) two-wheel steering, hand-operated pushcart.

The TRANS4MER cart was designed to optimize efficiency. Having a cart that is equally as maneuverable as it is while being pulled by a tugger or pushed by an operator saves time and effort. Topper is leading the fork truck free movement and the innovative design of the TRANS4MER makes it easier for a company to go from using fork trucks to using a tugger and a train of carts. Going fork truck free saves money and makes a facility safer and more efficient.

The TRANS4MER cart changes functions when the tow bar is tipped down, the cart transforms from a pushcart into a (4) four-wheel steering cart. To return the (4) four-wheel steering cart back to push cart mode, the operator simply lifts the tow bar upwards.

Jim Klenke
Topper Industrial
[email protected]

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