Transentric Inks Integration Deal with ShipLogix

ST. LOUIS (January 21, 2003) -- Transentric LLC, a subsidiary of Union Pacific Corporation and a leading provider of electronic connectivity and supply chain event management software and services, announces a new client agreement with ShipLogix, a logistics technology enterprise offering a web-hosted Transportation Management System (eTMS), which allows shippers, carriers and their trading partners to collaborate in real time.

Under the agreement, ShipLogix will be a value-added reseller of Agilink, Transentric's intelligent messaging engine, which masters the mission-critical nature of seamless, real time connectivity between trading partners. Agilink's versatility uniquely positions it to further strengthen ShipLogix' full service TMS offering, including load planning optimization, load tendering, shipment status and visibility, audit quality rating and reporting.

"Partnering with the respected transportation technology veterans at ShipLogix underscores Transentric's leadership in intelligent messaging for the transportation sector," said Jim Damman, president, Transentric. "We have every confidence Agilink will provide the exceptional connectivity ShipLogix needs to facilitate the collaboration desired by its customers and trading partners."

"We are pleased to be able to bundle the high quality service of Agilink into ShipLogix' Transportation Execution Center (TEC) offering, (ShipLogix's TMS offering)" said Alan Van Boven, CEO, ShipLogix. "Agilink truly rounds out the ShipLogix package of services by enabling us to supply connectivity critical to fueling the collaboration facilitated by ShipLogix applications."

SCO Logistics, a logistics provider to the chemical industry, deploys the combination of TEC and Agilink to one of its key customers, Baker Petrolite. Transentric's Agilink is the conduit that receives traditional "flat files" from Baker Petrolite and transforms them into XML documents that are readily imported by the ShipLogix TEC system. As a result, complicated transactions requiring multiple information sources are managed easily by Baker Petrolite.

"We are delighted to be able to provide a meaningful solution to our customer through the combined efforts of ShipLogix and Transentric," reported Steven Kinnard, Chief Executive Officer of SCO Logistics. "Plans are underway to leverage this solution to the benefit of other SCO customers in the near future."

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