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Transportation and Logistics Conglomerate Emerges

Express Inc. recently announced that subsidiary USXP Capital executed a contract to acquire United States Coachworks and its finance/lease affiliate Go Leasing.

United States Coachworks, a leading manufacturer of commercial transportation vehicles, possesses the coveted QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) and CMC (Cadillac Master Coachbuilder) status held by fewer than 20 firms worldwide. Having constructed more than 4,500 vehicles, revenues exceed $25 million annually. United States Coachworks is recognized by Newsday as one of the TOP 100 privately held companies on Long Island. Go Leasing is a finance/lease affiliate of United States Coachworks. For more information, visit

USXP Capital, a full service asset based transportation/equipment lessor, provides capital acquisition funding in the form of lease-financing to the national business community. USXP Capital has developed lease-financing programs utilized by manufacturers of limousines, commercial vans, and buses throughout the United States. For more information, visit

Universal Express Inc. owns and operates several subsidiaries including Universal Express Capital, Universal Express Logistics (Luggage Express and VirtualBellhop) and Private Postal Network (PPN). These subsidiaries provide the private postal industry and consumers with value-added services and products, logistical services, equipment leasing, and cost-effective delivery of goods worldwide. For more information, visit

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