Transportation, Logistics and the Law

The Second Edition of Transportation, Logistics and the Law by William J. Augello is scheduled for release in August. It has almost twice as much material as the first edition, and contains the many changes in government laws and regulations, and new court decisions, that have been released since 9/11/01. Augello is an adjunct professor, University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law.

This edition contains:

• 44 pages of a topical index to speed your research for answers;

• An expanded section on railroad regulation by Fritz R. Kahn, Esq., former general counsel for the Interstate Commerce Commission;

• An introduction to hazardous material by Richard Custer, retired from Corning Inc. and now a consultant on hazardous material and transportation;

• Hundreds of new court decisions since September 11, 2001 (the closing date for text material in the first edition);

• New sections on cargo insurance, broker liability, importing and exporting;

• Court decisions on shipper and carrier liability for injuries and deaths in transit;

• The Homeland Security Department's jurisdiction over transportation security;

• The government's reaction to the threat of new terrorists' attacks, and terrorists' use of transportation vehicles to deliver those attacks.

In the current state of the global economy, corporate personnel need a quick reference guide to the fundamental regulations and laws governing their business. Transportation, Logistics and the Law was designed to fill that need. It addresses the problem areas remaining in the supply chain after deregulation of our transportation industries. It reveals where businesses are vulnerable to suffering losses and being sued, and offers suggestions on how costly disputes, litigation, fines and penalties can be avoided.

The publisher, Transportation Consumer Protection Council (TCPC) Inc., is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the education of all parties to transportation arrangements. Its mission is to "serve the shipping public by providing high-quality educational programs and material, promoting and representing the interest of the entire shipping community in issues relating to the transportation of goods in today's deregulated environment."

A new Table of Contents is online at

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