Transportation/Logistics Employees Feel They Contribute to Their Company's Success

Chicago, IL - March 25, 2003 - Recent research identified that employees from the Transportation/Logistics industry perceive they have a higher direct contribution to the organization's success compared to employees nationwide in various industries. The study analyzed Employee Satisfaction Survey results on the following item: "The organization makes it possible for employees to directly contribute to its success." Employees from the Transportation/Logistics industry scored 13% more favorably, or eight percentage points higher, than employees nationwide working in other industries on this job aspect.

Transportation/Logistics Employees' Perception of their Contribution to the Organization's Success vs. National Normative Data:

Transportation/Logistics Employees: 70% favorable

National Employee Satisfaction Norm: 62% favorable

The research included over 2.2 million employees in various industries, of which roughly 119,000 were Transportation/Logistics employees, all surveyed during the last three years by HR Solutions, Inc., a Chicago-based management consulting firm, which specializes in Opinion Surveys.

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