Environmental Monitors Expose What Happens When No One is Looking

Dallas - When the doors of the transport vehicle close, your perishable products are alone…all alone. With the darkness, warm temperatures can creep in on your perishables and damage your products’ integrity. Even worse is when no one even knows it happened. With ShockWatch and its TrekView™ environmental recorders, you and your temperature-sensitive goods have nothing to fear. Whether the surroundings are too warm or too cold, TrekView recorders obtain vital information regarding the environment that products like frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics and electronic components encountered during their journey. Offering world-class accuracy and intuitive software, the environmental recorders allow shipment recipients to make quick go/no-go decisions and deliver key information that brings accountability to the distribution environment and confidence to you.

“The TrekView recorders are visual tools that allow users to make informed decisions about the viability of their product as well as about their shipping environment,” said Kerri Lusk-Barnes, VP of marketing and product management at ShockWatch. “These new ShockWatch recorders expose what happened to your product while in transit, protecting the quality and integrity of your shipped goods. Your perishables no longer have to be afraid of the dark.”

The ShockWatch TrekView product family is a key addition to the overall ShockWatch damage prevention portfolio. ShockWatch currently has a full line of environmental indicators.

The TrekView product family consists of two recorders:

  • TrekView-H – records temperature and humidity
  • TrekView – records temperature only

The TrekView recorders provide the next step in data collection, information analysis, accountability and, of course, confidence. The Microsoft® Windows®-based TrekView software offers an intuitive graphical user interface that makes setup and analysis fast and easy.

“Organizations like the FDA and ISO require documentation of cold-chain environments as well as contingency plans if one method fails,” Lusk-Barnes said. “ShockWatch delivers solutions that meet both primary monitoring and contingency requirements. These recorders are one more example of how ShockWatch allows you to take control of the shipping environment – even when you can’t be there.”

Kerri Lusk-Barnes, 214-630-9625
[email protected]

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