Truck-Mounted Security Camera System

Truck-Mounted Security Camera System

Keytroller, LLC’s SMARTIE 1—2—OR 3 Video Drive Camera with GPS allows users to utilize up to three external “plug in” cameras for interior and exterior vehicle monitoring. The available cameras include; a front camera, a night vision camera and a rear view camera, thus enabling the video recording out the front, interior and rear view of a vehicle. Internal and external microphones are also available, allowing both video and audio recording.

The video GPS review software is preloaded to a 4GB SD card which stores video, audio, speed, location, and impact G-force data to the SB card. The SD card is removed from the device and plugged into a PC where the user can view simultaneous video from up to 3 cameras on the same screen with Google Map/Earth view of location as the vehicle moves. Reports can be generated from the software and video events saved in the driver’s file for future reference.

Keytroller, LLC

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