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Truck Routing Via iPhone

Truck Routing Via iPhone

ALK Technologies offers CoPilot Live Truck for the iPhone, a voice-guided GPS navigation app designed specifically for professional truck drivers. Available immediately to download from the iTunes App Store, the new app makes truck-specific GPS navigation more portable and affordable than dedicated navigation devices.

CoPilot Live Truck provides safe and reliable routes on truck-legal roads throughout North America. Based on driver and vehicle profiles, it automatically calculates routes taking into account vehicle size, weight, width and load type to avoid commercial truck restrictions.

Truck-specific capabilities include: avoids low bridge clearances and weight/height/width-restricted roads; and avoids HazMat or flammable materials-restricted roads as appropriate.

Commercial truck routing options include practical, shortest, 53’/102” trailer or twins; national network and toll avoidance; and ability to create custom trip, vehicle and driver profiles. Truck-specific POIs including weigh stations, CAT scales, rest areas, truck stops, and truck service facilities. Generate state mileage logs to provide an accurate record for billing and tax calculation.

ALK Technologies, Inc.

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