TSP 6000

NEW BREMEN, Ohio – Often lifting as high as a four-story building, turret trucks can be very tall – even in a fully collapsed, non-lifting state. While a higher lift height allows users to maximize vertical racking space, problems can arise when it’s time to navigate through a facility. Turret trucks are frequently unable to travel through doors or tunnels, or under mezzanines and conveyors. Facility managers have long been forced to choose between a higher lift height for access to vertical space in the warehouse and a shorter collapsed height for access through lower horizontal spaces.

Now, with Crown’s TSP 6000 Series and its new triple-stage mast option, customers no longer need to make that tough choice. The triple-stage mast offers customers the best of both worlds: a truck with very high lift heights, but with shorter collapsed heights.

“The triple-stage mast means the TSP 6000 can go places other turret trucks just can’t go,” said Senior Marketing Product Manager Matt Ranly. “Many facilities have tunnels, pipes, conveyors or doors that a turret truck needs to navigate under. In order to obtain a collapsed height that accommodates these structural elements, users often give up lift height and therefore forfeit valuable rows of pallet locations. With our new triple-stage mast, they don’t have to make that sacrifice.”

Customers do not have to forego stability or operator confidence either, thanks to Crown’s exclusive Mono-Mast design. Turret trucks carry the load both in front of the operator cabin and off to the side; consequently, they are subject to a unique set of dynamic forces. The Mono-Mast on Crown turret trucks functions like a telescoping crane, minimizing the deflection and twisting associated with traditional dual-mast designs.

“Operators feel more stable on our triple-stage Mono-Mast than on competitors’ two-stage dual masts,” said Ranly. “That stability gives operators the confidence they need to be more productive.”

The TSP 6000 Series turret stockpicker blends power and speed with safety and ergonomic features that improve operator productivity. The truck can travel 25 percent faster and lift 40 percent faster than competitor trucks. The MoveControl™ seat adds increased comfort, allowing operators to choose one of four preset operating positions for improved visibility. Multitask control handles help operators easily blend multiple functions, including travel, lift, pivot and raise.

Dave Helmstetter
Crown Equipment Corporation
(419) 629-2311
[email protected]wn.com

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