TSP 6000 Series

TSP 6000 Series

The new turret stockpicker from Crown Equipment Corp. (New Bremen, Ohio) offers fast travel speeds, superior stability and innovative controls for optimum operator comfort and productivity. Crown’s 3,000-lb. capacity, three-wheel TSP 6000 series features tight turning radiuses for performing a variety of warehouse tasks, including picking, transporting and staging.

Powerful AC lift and traction motors provide fast travel, pivot, traverse and lift speeds. The swivel seat rotates to four different positions for operator flexibility. Integrated into the armrests, the machine’s controls move with the seat for consistent operator orientation. To increase picking and put-away speeds the ergonomic controls also allow operators to travel and simultaneously lift, traverse and pivot a load. “Auto-pivot” feature allows the auxiliary mast to traverse and pivot automatically to keep forks evenly centered in the aisle.

Mono-mast design keeps the work platform stable at heights (maximum 459 inches), increasing driver confidence and safety. Presence sensors in the cab floor and in the hand controls assure that the operator is in position before the vehicle will function. A sophisticated braking system combines motor and friction braking to apply less braking force at higher elevations, reducing platform sway.

The TSP 6000 Series delivers industry leading flexibility and productivity. The TSP 6000 Series offers the versatility to handle a wide range of warehousing challenges from full pallet put-away and picking to transporting and staging. Operating in an aisle only inches wider than the truck, the TSP 6000 Series can lift to 459" and has a maximum capacity of 3000 Lb.

TSP swivel seat
Crown's exclusive Move Control™ Seat provides unprecedented levels of flexibility for the turret stockpicker operator.

The seat can be positioned at -20, 0, 60 or 90 degrees allowing the operator to choose the optimum position for each task. Multi-task controls are located on cushioned armrests that can be adjusted to a number of preset positions.

The seat pad and backrest also swivel independently for an added degree of mobility and comfort.

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Crown Equipment Corporation
44 South Washington St.
New Bremen, OH 45869

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