Turbo-Charged Diesel Forklift

Turbo-Charged Diesel Forklift

Nissan Forklift Corporation’s GO6 Series pneumatic tire forklift truck features a diesel engine, allowing it to lift loads of up to 17,500 pounds and heights of up to 26 feet. The diesel engine, equipped with a turbo charger, has a common rail fuel injection system that uses the optimal amount of fuel for greater power and fuel economy. Its turbo charger creates more power by forcing compressed air into the cylinders. This constant pressure boost occurs over the entire rpm range, for greater torque at low speeds. To further maximize the turbo’s benefits, an intercooler chills the compressed air, creating a denser intake charge. As a result, more power is produced with a large reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions through its Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). It is through this design that the GO6 emits exhaust levels below what is required by Tier III standards.

Nissan Forklift Corporation

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