Twenty-Five And Going Strong

FORTE (Mason, Ohio), a distribution consulting-engineering firm, specializing in automated material handling system design and integration, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.

The company, which began as a one-man material handling equipment distributor, has evolved to become a recognized single-source provider of distribution operations improvement, building its staff with a variety of industry experts.

Gene Forte, president and CEO, founded FORTE in November of 1980. In 1983 FORTE rose in prominence by designing and building the world's first personal computer distribution center specifically for IBM PC.

FORTE, a member of the Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association, was recipient of the Material Handling Management Value-Added Award in 1997.

The company has made the Inc. 500 list twice; recognized as one of America's 500 fastest-growing companies. This year marks the fifth time FORTE has been recognized as one of Greater Cincinnati's fastest-growing companies.

The U.S Chamber of Commerce's Nation's Business magazine recognized FORTE with its Blue Chip Award for exemplary long-term business resource management. The company was also named one of the industry's 100 Great Supply Chain Partners last year.

"Twenty-five years ago,” said Gene Forte, “I saw a need for a company to change the way business was done within our industry. FORTE has accomplished that by providing objective single-source distribution project execution for its clients. We've reached this goal thanks to our top-notch personnel and focus on continuous improvement."

Source: Forte Industries

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