Twinlode Companies Merge

Twinlode Manufacturing (Salinas, Calif.), an agricultural storage products supplier, and Twinlode Racking Systems (South Bend, Ind.), a beverage industry storage products supplier, announced plans to merge and form a new company. To be known as Twinlode Corp., the new company will be headquartered near Chicago and will manufacture and distribute the Twinlode brand of dual pallet storage structures.

Twinlode Manufacturing and Twinlode Racking Systems have historically shared patent rights to a storage method that allows uniform loads of product to be handled two-at-a-time and stored in rack systems two abreast with multiple depth configurations. This storage method is used extensively in the beverage, agricultural and other industries where packages are uniform in size and pallets can be handled two-at-a-time with greater efficiency and productivity.

“This new alliance will allow us to standardize our design, expand our product offering and make our solutions available to new markets,” said Twinlode president Ray Chase.

“We plan to bring fresh application knowledge to this field and focus our efforts on the customer who needs improved productivity and greater efficiency in their warehouse.”

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