Tx800 is the next generation vehicle-mounted terminal, suitable for forklifts and commercial vehicles. The difference lies in a powerful computer that is lighter in weight, smaller in size (10.4”) and IP65 classified. Tx800 serves to complement Tx700, thereby broadening our product range and covering segments that require a smaller computer with a higher environmental classification.

We are launching Tx800 worldwide and sees wholly new market segments, such as harbours, forests, commercial vehicles as well as the grocery and chemical industries, says Erik Lindquist, President Åkerströms Trux.

The Tx800 is designed for tough outdoor environments as well as for forklifts that require regular cleaning with water. The small size of the computer enables installations for better ergonomics.

The technology has been improved. For example, a light sensor adapts background lighting to the ambient environment. Focus is also to make it more service friendly for quick and simple replacement of components such as battery and hard drive.

Several functions that are usually considered additional extras come as standard on the Tx800. One example of such is a professional program for processing input data via scanner.

For more information, visit www.akerstroms.com

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