TYCO'S Announces Scalable, Integrated RFID Solutions for Retailers

p>BOCA RATON, Fla., -- Retailers and retail merchandise companies who want to harness the power of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) now have a single-source, global partner – Tyco’s Retail Solutions Group. The company today announced The SENSORID- RFID Solutions Team, a global business unit committed to open-standard, scalable and fully integrated retail and supply chain management solutions based on RFID.

RFID is the ultimate real-time, “intelligent” asset tracking and management technology. It enables retailers to dynamically capture, store, read and change tag data without regard for line of sight, as goods travel through the supply chain. The SENSORID product family includes all of the products needed to execute an RFID-based solution, ranging from labels and re-programmable tags to readers and integration software. It gives retailers RFID tools to drive sales, reduce asset investments and enhance customer service and profitability.

The announcement also gives retailers the benefit of Tyco’s Retail Solutions Group’s depth and scope in designing, deploying and supporting retail technology solutions for the largest installations. The company’s Sensormatic brand Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems are widely used in the world, with more than 600,000 systems in place.

“We are committed and uniquely positioned to be the leading open-standard RFID solutions provider for the retail marketplace,” said John Smith, Tyco’s Retail Solutions Group president. For more information, visit www.sensormatic.com/RFID.

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