TZ Series

Milwaukee, Wis. – Zoneworks™ introduces the TZ Series of Insulated Curtain Walls, a highly flexible and adaptable system that allows users to quickly and easily partition large interior spaces where temperature and energy savings are essential. Zoneworks' TZ insulated curtain walls – the first and only flexible system to provide more than 25°F (14°C) of separation – eliminate the need to construct rigid, permanent insulated walls, producing significant savings in time and money.

Constructed of durable, fire-retardant industrial fabric surrounding multiple layers of recyclable, anti-microbial polyester batting, TZ insulated curtain walls can deliver an industry-high rating of temperature separation – up to 40°F (22°C). In addition to helping save energy and lower construction costs, the flexible modular wall systems can also be reconfigured to adapt virtually any interior space to an operation's changing needs. Plus, because they have a smaller footprint than permanent walls, the TZ system also saves valuable floor and rack space in temperature-controlled warehouses and cooler/freezers.

Easy to install and maintain, custom-designed Zoneworks' insulated curtain walls can be mounted to existing ceiling structure, or designed with a custom framework. Three- or four-sided structures can also be created. Zoneworks industry specialists provide on-site design consultation and complete drawings, as well as turnkey project support, including installation coordination.

Zoneworks is a sister company to Frommelt Products Corporation, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of environmental control solutions at the loading dock. Zoneworks specializes in flexible industrial barriers for a wide variety of large space separation, zoning and containment needs in industrial and commercial facilities. Zoneworks curtain walls are available for temperature separation, heat containment, odor containment, dust control, sound attenuation and other environmental control needs.

All Zoneworks products are designed and manufactured in the United States and meet NFPA-701 flame resistance standards. For more information, please call 1-800-553-4834, or visit our website at

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