UBT controller

Conveyor merge/divert/transfer functions are normally controlled by a PLC, which requires a significant investment in programming. Holjeron’s new UBT controller, the latest in its ZoneLink family of products, can easily be configured for either merge, divert or transfer mode through a serial port and is simply plugged into the line where needed. For higher-level supervisory control, the controller is available in a version that interfaces directly with a DeviceNet™ network.
New serial interface for ZPA conveyor line

Holjeron’s ZoneLink® .S technology allows distributed microprocessor-based controllers to communicate with each other, enabling users to configure and monitor a Zero Pressure Accumulation conveyor line easily and inexpensively. .S technology also provides predictive diagnostics and remote speed control.
Previously, DeviceNet was required to implement .S technology. Now, with the new ZL.S-F32 ZoneLink® Serial Interface Card, Holjeron has made it more affordable and convenient by permitting communication through a serial port on a PC or PLC.

New DK 100 Microroller® driver for cost-effective lock on speed
The third new product in Holjeron’s microprocessor-based control systems is a low-cost driver, the ZL-DK100 Microroller® driver, capable of setting and maintaining the speeds of adjacent conveyor zones to within ±1 RPM of each other – even under load -- with just the flick of a switch. Normally, matching speeds is labor-intensive and, therefore, expensive, as well as relatively imprecise.

“Usually, operators would have to use a tachometer to match speed zone-to-zone. It’s a time-consuming process, and they’ll be lucky to match the speeds within a couple of feet per minute. Plus, the speed would fluctuate with the size of the load,” notes Holjeron’s Material Handling Industry Manager, Pete Shumway. “With the DK100, it’s easy to match and hold speeds to within ±1 motor RPM – which means that zone-to-zone speed will be identical to within a couple of inches per minute, even under load.”

This closed loop speed control has always been a feature of Holjeron’s higher-end controllers; now the ZL-DK100 makes it available for the same price as competing non-microprocessor-based control systems.

For more information on Holjeron products, contact Michelle Spaulding at Matthews Marking Products, 6515 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh PA 15206. Telephone (412) 665-2488, fax (412) 365-2042, website: www.matthewsmarking.com .

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