UCC Certifies Internet Commerce Corporation

New York, NY, Lawrenceville, NJ -- The Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC), leaders in facilitating efficient international business, announced today that its UCC Solution Partner Program has certified Internet Commerce Corporation and the ICC.NET network services as UCC-compliant for UCCnet(tm) services users.

The UCC Solution Partner Program increases awareness, adoption, and implementation of UCC standards by facilitating a partnership between the UCC and solution providers to produce standards-compliant, "off-the-shelf" implementation solutions for the expanding UCC community. Companies who use UCC-certified products and services will be able to minimize implementation costs and maximize supply chain cost-savings.

"Our UCC certification assures our customers that they are utilizing the most efficient means possible to implement cost-saving business practices and industry standards," said G. Michael Cassidy, President and Chief Executive Officer of ICC. "ICC.NET enables companies to implement Data Synchronization while avoiding unnecessary costs or delays in achieving a return on their investment."

Internet Commerce Corporations consulting, mapping services and network connections creates a full suite of offerings to aid customers in being Data Synchronized in a timely and low cost manner.

The UCC Solution Partner Program team works with Partners to certify their products and services as standards-compliant and ensure they understand and meet the needs of the business community. The program provides an independent test environment for certifying solutions that enable a user-company to perform a variety of standards-compliant implementation tasks.

The UCC Solution Partner Program promotes hardware products, consultants for implementation services, and software interoperability compliance certification through eBusinessReady(tm), an industry-neutral software testing program under joint partnership of the UCC and Drummond Group Inc. The UCC Solution Partner Program certifies products in the program areas of The EAN/UCC System for Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) and e-Commerce, EPCglobal US, RosettaNet, and UCCnet.

Products and services that have achieved UCC-certified status are marked with a UCC Solution Partner seal showing their designated certification. A complete listing of UCC-certified solutions is available at http://www.uc-council.org Assistance in finding a UCC-certified solution is available by contacting a UCC Solution Partner Program team member by phone at 609.620.4554, or by email at [email protected]

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