UFS Tergo Series

The latest series Four-Way Reach Truck from Atlet offers lower life cycle costs due to enhancements of ergonomics, safety, efficiency and serviceability. However, the primary value stems from its basic design concept that allows it to transport and stack long materials within narrow, cost savings aisles while offering the flexibility for use as a standard lift truck.

Ergonomics & Safety
The new UFS Tergo Series Four-way Reach Truck offers a truly ergonomic operator’s compartment that will accommodate a driver of any size. It features a fully adjustable contour seat that tilts to allow better comfort and visibility when lifting goods to high levels. The mini-steering wheel with a floating armrest provides ease of operation and virtually effortless steering ability. The adjustable side seating, and clear view mast provides comfort, reduces operator fatigue and ensures safe load positioning. Capacities for this truck range from 4,400 lbs. to 5,500 lbs and lift heights are available in increments of up to 35 feet.

The operator cabin serves as a mobile workstation with plenty of room for paperwork and accessories as well as for any sized operator. Included in the cabin is a truck computer which indicates and monitors numerous electrical and hydraulic functions: battery status, operating statistics such as lifting and travel time, fault diagnosis, oil and temperature monitors etc.

The new Four-Way Reach Truck also incorporates AC motor technology that provides greater operational efficiency, longer running time and reduced maintenance costs. The AC motor provides smooth braking and better truck control. Braking energy is returned to the battery extending the run time. This means cooler motors, a cooler operator compartment, and extended component life. Component access couldn’t be easier. A single bolt opens a large swing out door that allows access to all major components to help reduce downtime and lower repair costs.

For more information on Atlet Inc. and its product lines, visit our website at www.atlet.com/usa.

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