UID Suppliers Alliance Supports DoD Instruction

WARRENDALE, Pa.—The UID Suppliers Alliance within AIM North America announced its support of the DoD Instruction 8320.04, Item Unique Identification (IUID) Standards for Tangible Personal Property, signed on June 16.

The instruction ensures that all program managers plan for and implement IUID requirements throughout policy, standards and data systems. It also establishes the IUID Registry as the master data source for government furnished property and will be the source of government unit acquisition cost for items with unique item identifiers.

“The UID Suppliers Alliance applauds these efforts as a significant step in moving the DoD and other government agencies in taking full advantage of the value that IUID can bring to these agencies but also recognizes that additional measures are needed to speed up UID implementation across all service areas,” said the organization in a release.

"As UID data is captured and linked to existing data sources, access to a broad range of reliable data will help improve logistics, operational decision making and asset valuation," says Mary Lou Bosco, COO of AIM North America. "Ultimately, UID policy provides for improved item intelligence for military operational planning, while saving taxpayer dollars through increased productivity and efficiency."

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