UK Retail Supply Chain Report

Growth Strategies & Trends in the UK Retail Supply Chain is a unique market research report based exclusively on the findings of interviews conducted with key supply chain professionals within the sector. The research identifies outsourcing dynamics and new business opportunities quickly and cost efficiently to help you target future new business wins and achieve your overall business development objectives, profitably.

The target of these interviews were companies whose supply chain was considered integral to the strategy of their company and annual revenue generated was at least Lb.100.0 million per annum. These interviews were then conducted across a number of industry sectors, namely Automotive, Industrial, Healthcare, Retail and FMCG. The reason for this target audience? Profitability.

Whilst key or large value accounts yield large revenues, there isn't always the opportunity for large margins, in fact within the current business climate the logistics providers' margins are more under threat than ever before. This threat is greatest from your largest customers, as major manufacturers and retailers continue experiencing a tougher economic climate.

Within the mid-tier market there exists a mass of opportunity for providers to recognize a healthy margin, providing logistics services deemed critical to the success of many mid-market players. The catch, however, is that smaller, mid market clients don't trust that they will get the service or attention from larger providers, even though like many of their larger competitors, they are dependant on end-to-end, global solutions. Companies are operating with a larger degree of inefficiency than is necessary by using multiple providers to meet their overall objectives.

This is a golden opportunity for solutions providers, one that is being ignored by too many, to not just secure new business but also generate profit through adding value to the logistics operations of these companies by recognizing efficiency in their supply chains.

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Source: Research and Markets

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