ULC™CC: Modular Design Chain Conveyor For Quick Installation

Spring Lake, Michigan — The simple modular design of TGW-ERMANCO'S chain conveyor for unit loads greatly speeds installation, improves performance, and reduces inventory of spare parts. Engineered for easy integration into a unit load system, ULC CC offers many practical timesaving features. The unique side channel profile allows photo eye brackets, step plates, guardrail, and other accessories to be mounted with a minimum effort. An open bottom in the profile makes the factory mounted drive easy to reposition during installation.

Design optimizes performance as well. Overlapping chains at transition points support pallets 100% of the time. Unique chain guides ensure low wear and impact resistance resulting in long life and no maintenance. Chains are always properly tensioned and easily adjusted by hand with the torque-limiting chain tensioner.

TGW-ERMANCO offers a complete line of ULC Unit Load Conveyor technologies including transportation and accumulation conveyors, transfers, lifts, turntables, transfer cars, and accessories. ULC can transport and accumulate loads up to 3,300 pounds and ULC operates with proven reliability, even in freezers. All TGW-ERMANCO technologies are backed by a two-year warranty.

Technologies for Cartons, Totes, Unit Loads, and Individual Products
• Conveyors for Accumulation & Transportation • Transfer Devices • Motorized Roller Conveyors • Vertical Lifts
• Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems • Transfer Cars • Automated Order-Fulfillment Systems • Turntables
• Sortation Systems

TGW-ERMANCO INC. ● 6870 Grand Haven Road ● Spring Lake, MI 49456-9652 ● 231-798-4547 ● Fax 231-798-8322
[email protected]www.tgw-ermanco.com

Contact: Dave VandeKopple
Director - Business Development
[email protected]

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