Spring Lake, Michigan — Versatile TGW-ERMANCO Unit Load Vertical Lifts will meet the demands of any task. Two lifts are offered: the ULC™VLB Vertical Lift Belt-Driven and the ULC™VLC Vertical Lift Chain-Driven. The ULC VLC is a cost-effective chain driven vertical lift featuring dual lifting chains and capable of lifting speeds up to 140 fpm. ULC VLC offers multiple load/unload elevations with lifting up to 32 feet. Either roller or chain conveyors may be used as load handling devices. The ULC VLC is free-standing and is fully assembled at the factory, making it easy to install. The floor-mounted drive motor facilitates maintenance.

The ULC VLB Vertical Lift Belt-Driven is a high-performance lift with dual lifting belts. It lifts at speeds up to 295 FPM. ULC VLB can lift one or two pallets between multiple elevations with lifting up to 65 feet. It accommodates either roller or chain conveyor load handling devices and is exceptionally quiet. TGW-ERMANCO offers a complete line of ULC Unit Load Conveyor technologies including conveyors, transfers, lifts, turntables, transfer cars, and accessories. ULC can transport and accumulate loads up to 3,300 pounds and ULC operates with proven reliability, even in freezers. All
TGW-ERMANCO technologies are backed by a two-year warranty.

Contact: Dave VandeKopple
Director - Business Development
[email protected]

TGW-ERMANCO INC. ● 6870 Grand Haven Road ● Spring Lake, MI 49456-9652 ● 231-798-4547 ● Fax 231-798-8322
[email protected]www.tgw-ermanco.com

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