ULR RFID Partnership Provides Market Differentiation

"Our relationship with OxLoc will provide another differentiating component for both our end customers and Accredited Channel Partners, who are always looking to push the boundaries of active RFID, for which we are internationally recognised as being a world leader. said Chris Bishop, Sales and Marketing Director of Wavetrend. "

Headquartered in the UK, Wavetrend Technologies Limited is a world leader in the innovation of Ultra Long Range (ULR) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). The Company was established in 1997. The design, engineering and manufacturing operations are based in Johannesburg, South Africa while the North American sales operation, Wavetrend Technologies Inc., has offices in Bellevue, WA and Washington DC. The Company's primary focus is the innovative design, research, engineering and manufacture of an extensive technology platform of hardware, software and infrastructure components. The entire platform is based on a beacon type operating principle and operates in the 433.92 MHz band. The technology platform is protected by a number of global patents and has also achieved significant certification and safety credentials around the world. Wavetrend uses an extensive partner network to deliver its technology and has formal distribution relationships across the globe. In addition, Wavetrend has more than 125 System Integrators and VAR’s worldwide.

OxLoc Ltd supply battery powered data collection products to provide asset management solutions to the sector of the Telematics market where there is no access or limited access to a power source. Using autonomous battery powered GPS/GSM hardware and web based data access, assets can be monitored for location and condition for periods of up to 3 years without the need to replace or recharge the battery. OxLoc is based at the Begbroke Business Park on the outskirts of Oxford.

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