Ultrasonic Package Sealing

Ultrasonic Package Sealing

Bosch Packaging Technology launched the Sigpack HCUR horizontal flow wrapper with ultrasonic sealing. It can be integrated with the intelligent transport system (ITS), a new product infeed unit for horizontal flow wrappers. The machine produces up to 800 pieces and a maximum film speed of 80 meters per minute. The ITS by Bosch Packaging Technology balances out product flow irregularities, creates defined spaces and synchronizes product and film speeds. Consistent product intervals are generated in traditional methods by braking the interval and then accelerating it again, but requires less time and storage space. The mechatronical system is powered by linear motors. More than 30 carriers are moved independently and wear-free. A programmable logic controller (PLC) monitors and permanently regulates each carrier. A multi-position detection system ensures that the exact position of each carrier can be determined at all times. A reference run is not required. Ultrasonic sealing generates thinner longitudinal and cross seams, which requires less packaging material.

Bosch Packaging Technology

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