Understand Drive and Motor Concepts and Operation

NEW BERLIN, Wis.,. -- Dave Polka, manager of ABB University - Drives Training, ABB Inc., Automation Technologies, Drives and Motors, New Berlin, Wisconsin, has authored Motors & Drives: A Practical Technology Guide.

The book, published by ISA (Instrumentation, Systems, and Automation Society), introduces engineering concepts of motors and drives in a way that can be easily understood by both engineers unfamiliar with the technology, and technicians who are technically literate but not accustomed to complex theory and mathematics. It features simple explanations, summaries, review questions, glossaries, and reference tables for formulas and conversions.

Publication of such technical information by an ABB author/instructor adds a little of appeal, when you source training and expertise, note ABB training customers such as Texas State Technical Colleges, which use the book as part of their curriculum.

Comprehensive ā€“

Motors & Drives begins with an explanation of the principles of DC and variable frequency AC drive technology, and provides an overview of drive components and types of drives, with special emphasis given to common motion control applications for each.

The text goes on to cover DC and AC motor and drive operation, step motors, AC vector motors, brushless servo motors, linear stepper and linear servo motors, and drive innovations such as vector drives, PWM stepper and servo drives. Feedback devices such as tachometers, resolvers, and encoders are also addressed. Later chapters cover drive systems control methods and the maintenance and troubleshooting of drive systems.

"It's great to be through the project and see this in print," said Polka. Early reception to the book, he noted, has been "very satisfying."

Availability ā€“

The book is available both through the ISA at 919-549-8411, via customers service. Online, order the book via amazon.com at: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/155617800X/qid=1061388493/sr=2-1/ref=sr_2_1/002-4357518-6759219

ABB Inc., Automation Technologies, Drives and Motors, is a manufacturer of electric motors and drives. For more information, visit (http://www.abb-drives.com).

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