Unibilt 348

Unibilt 348 is a unique design of power & free conveyors that combines X-348 power chain with Unibilt® standard enclosed track for a compact profile, and cleaner, quieter operation than standard 3 inch I-beam conveyors.

Unibilt 348 is uniquely powered by a rugged Webb X-348 chain that powers the Unibilt 4 wheel steel trolley, which engages heavy-duty Unibilt free trolleys. This new model power & free conveyor has many advantages over conventional 3-inch power & free conveyors --- yet offers the same 1500 lb (680 kg) load capacity.

Unibilt 348 ADVANTAGES
· Reduced conveyor cost
· Increased conveyor performance
· Enclosed track components
· Webb Microloy® X-348 rivetless power chain
· Unassisted chain-to-chain transfers
· 1,500 lb load capacity
· Longer conveyors runs with fewer drives
· Reduced maintenance costs

Unibilt 348 incorporates standard components and modular system designs that enhance flexibility even further. Close tolerance forgings increase component life span, providing performance on demand — up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Overhead power & free configurations are the right choice for use in complex production, assembly, and finishing operations that demand a continuous supply of materials at each workstation. The system's ability to negotiate inclines, declines, and curves means that it can interface with virtually any type of process equipment and, since product movement takes place overhead, the system doesn’t use premium floor space for transportation.

Jervis B. Webb Company, with operations in the United States and Canada, supplies integrated material handling systems to a multitude of industries including: aluminum, aerospace, automotive, airline, transportation, manufacturing, finishing, warehousing, primary metals, chemicals, publishing, and waste management.

Unibilt 348, Unibilt®, and Microloy® are trademarks of the Jervis B. Webb Company.
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