UniMAX Express Fast Chargers

Reading, PA - EnerSys, the world leader in stored energy solutions, has expanded their line of Express fast chargers by adding two new models to their line of Express fast chargers. The Express UniMAX Models 10 and 15 complete the line of dedicated Express fast chargers by providing chargers capable of fast charging smaller capacity batteries typically used in Class III trucks. Customers now have a single source for fast charge batteries and chargers for all battery sizes and applications, combined with a factory-owned, national sales and service network.

The UniMAX 10 and 15 units are designed for maximum charge output rates of under 320 amps requiring only a single battery connector similar to standard batteries. These chargers will accept any single lead batteries that are approved for fast charging. Like the larger Express UniMAX and TwinMAX models, customers can maximize the benefits of fast charging with Express Fast charge batteries. Express Fast charge batteries utilize the Ironclad square tube technology, providing the maximum amp-hours in standard battery sizes. The Ironclad tubes also maintain higher voltages during the shift, providing more power to run and lift faster.

Using Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT), power electronics technology, the Express fast chargers have the highest efficiency on the market today. IGBT technology also provides a safer charge to the battery, reducing the harmful effects of excessive heat on the battery caused by fast charging. The benefits of fast charging include: elimination of battery change-outs, increased labor productivity, greater safety, and a high battery state of charge that reduces motor wear. Operating costs are further reduced with the elimination of a facility’s battery room and reducing the need for spare batteries. The fast charger has a modular “plug and play” design ensuring nearly zero service downtime. Additionally, it is the only fast charger to work with or without a battery module ID, allowing any battery to charge on any charger. Typical ROI’s average less than one year, with savings equaling approximately $10,000 per vehicle per year.

EnerSys is the world’s largest manufacturer of industrial batteries and chargers with over 100 years of experience in designing, building and servicing batteries. EnerSys manufactures Exide Ironclad and General Battery batteries and chargers for electric lift trucks, ground support equipment, mining equipment and AGVs. Their global headquarters is located in Reading, PA. Call 610-208-1921 or visit www.enersysmp.com for more information.

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