Unit Load Conveyor

Spring Lake, Michigan ¡ªThe ULC RA Roller Accumulation Unit Load Conveyor gently transports and accumulates pallets. Linked pivoting drive mechanisms provide each roller with positive drive when transporting pallets and are disengaged from the roller for zero-pressure accumulation. Positive drive is provided to all rollers by a precision continuous roller chain for smooth and reliable operation. ULC RA uses no clutches and reduces the number of drives required as compared to conventional accumulators. Designed for reliability and long-life, ULC RA utilizes long-lasting precision bearings and low-wear nylon gears to engage the drive chain and to provide drive to the rollers.

TGW-ERMANCO offers a complete line of ULC Unit Load Conveyor technologies including conveyors, transfers, lifts, turntables, transfer cars, and accessories. ULC can transport and accumulate loads up to 3,300 pounds and ULC operates with proven reliability, even in freezers. All TGW-ERMANCO technologies are backed by a two-year warranty.

Contact: Dave VandeKopple
Director - Business Development
[email protected]

TGW-ERMANCO INC. ¡ñ 6870 Grand Haven Road ¡ñ Spring Lake, MI 49456-9652 ¡ñ 231-798-4547 ¡ñ Fax 231-798-8322
[email protected] ¡ñ www.tgw-ermanco.com

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