Creative Storage Systems introduces UniversALL™ Slip Sheet Accessory, an easy-to-install attachment that converts a forklift with a standard 4 inch wide set of forks, to a more versatile piece of equipment that can handle slip sheets and pallets. This innovative and dynamic accessory provides a solution for warehouses that utilize a mix of pallets and slip sheets in their operation. The UniversALL™ Slip Sheet Accessory’s robust design expands the usefulness of your equipment, creating an economical and low maintenance alternative to hydraulic slip sheet equipment.

Now manufacturers and facility managers that prefer the economy and advantage of slip sheets can convert without hesitation. One accessory does it all on a forklift with standard 4-inch forks. Everyday, organizations are realizing the advantages this accessory represents in their operations.

For more information contact Creative Storage Systems at 770-514-0711 or visit our website at www.creativestorage.com.

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