UPG Opens Batteries & Beyond & Distribution Center in Las Vegas

Universal Power Group, Inc. (UPG, Addison, Texas), a wholly owned subsidiary of Zunicom, Inc., (Carrollton, Texas), opened its new Batteries & Beyond retail store, and its third distribution center in Las Vegas, Nev.

UPG’s Batteries & Beyond’s products include portable power units, related accessories and other fun and innovative consumer products.

“Batteries & Beyond, leverages our sourcing and distribution capabilities and product knowledge and offers a one-stop source for portable power, related power accessories, and beyond. Consumers will find general use batteries from coin cells, alkalines, rechargeables, to our popular marine, motorcycle, hunting and deer-feeder batteries, chargers, and more,” says Randy Hardin, president and CEO.

According to UPG, the adjoining distribution center serves as another distribution hub to bring added cost efficiencies, further improve service to the western markets, and boost additional sales in the region.

“Our adjoining distribution center will begin to handle more western region accounts, as well as allow for more targeted industrial and OEM sales efforts,” he adds.

Source: Universal Power Group

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