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UPS Offers Enhanced Inbound Visibility

UPS (Atlanta) launched a new technology that automatically notifies customers of every package in the UPS system moving toward them. “Quantum View Inbound” provides proactive notification of UPS air express, ground, and international packages that are en route to a recipient’s location, enabling companies to better plan staffing and stocking levels.

The technology uses UPS's "address matching" system that identifies multiple variations of street addresses and business names. Once this information is filtered and matched to the recipient, the customer can see inbound shipments to their address or other designated location.

"The ability to see what shipments are scheduled to arrive is extremely useful to businesses because it enables them to make educated decisions about workforce and inventory planning," says Jordan Colletta, UPS vice president of e-commerce marketing.

Quantum View Inbound is available at no charge for UPS account holders in multiple file formats, including CSV, XML, TEXT, EDI and Web-based HTML.

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