Urban Outfitters Purchases Product Tracking System

Tolland, CT, Edison, NJ – Gerber Technology announced today that Urban Outfitters, Inc. has purchased WebPDM product data management software to reduce lead times, increase the accuracy of prototyping and improve the quality of information flow along the production chain.

Urban Outfitters, Inc., an innovative specialty retailer and wholesaler, has also purchased ICICI Infotech's Product Tracking System (PTS) which tracks events throughout the product development and production cycle and helps to streamline the entire process. Coupled together these two applications allow for true product life cycle and supply chain management.

"We believe that this software system … will allow our merchant, designer and production staffs to be more efficient and productive while making better business decisions," said Dick Hayne, Chairman and President of Urban Outfitters, Inc.. "We believe we should begin to see the benefits from these systems in the fourth quarter of this year."

From the largest global retailers to smaller-scale regional manufacturers and marketers, more companies in the apparel industry rely on WebPDM than on any other PLM solution to manage their product data and development process. Today, more than 1,000 companies in over sixty countries rely on Gerber's product data management software. With more than 12,000 seats installed, the software supports over 20,000 individual users.

"With the speed that fashion moves today, it is essential for apparel manufacturers to optimize their design and development processes for the fastest time to market," said Vincent Candela, Vice President Fashion Technology at ICICI Infotech Inc.. "The fashion industry is fast recognizing the domain expertise possessed by ICICI Infotech and the power of the technology we provide. Our customers have found that the applications are easy to use and quickly integrated into their existing environment."

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