Urethane insulation

TCP Reliable introduces urethane insulated shippers. The urethane insulation provides outstanding thermal conductivity or “Super K” or traditional EPs. In addition to the low heat conductivity, the new formulation is rugged and light weight; ideal for multiple shipments. The corrugate can be easily replaced for re-use. The shipper is also available as a pre-qualified solution for 2-8 C applications for up to 48 hours. The TimeSaver 48PUR is pre-qualified for both summer and winter conditions using ISTA 7D standards.

Please contact Bill Hingle with any questions at 732-346-9200 ext.104 or email [email protected].

For More Information Contact:
TCP Reliable
551 Raritan Center Parkway
Edison, NJ 08837
Ph: 732-346-9200 x118
Fax: 732-346-0295
Email: [email protected]

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