U.S. Defense Department Deploys RFID at 69 Facilities in Less Than 130 Days

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Distribution Centers (DDC) and ODIN technologies (Dulles, Va.), a supplier of RFID deployments, testing, and optimization software, accomplished an RFID industry milestone by designing and deploying an extensive RFID network across 69 facilities, on 19 DDC locations in 11 states in less than 130 days.

DDC is leveraging RFID and wide area workflow capabilities to create enhanced visibility of the location and movement of global military assets. As the prime contractor, ODIN technologies conducted detailed site assessments, selected equipment, installed and tested the RFID portals to 100% accuracy before they were formally accepted by the Government.

"By expanding our capabilities to receive items tagged with passive RFID, DDC is in compliance with the Department of Defense policy to make DoD distribution centers capable of receiving passive RFID tags as suppliers begin tagging their products in accordance with acquisition regulations," says Janet Cravener , DDC logistics operations policy division chief.

Source: ODIN technologies

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