US Wholesale Distribution Economic Factbook.

The 2006 Wholesale Distribution Economic Factbook is the first comprehensive market data reference guide to the $3.6 trillion U.S. wholesale distribution industry. The report supplies a wealth of detailed channel benchmarking data for each of the 111 sub-sectors in the industry, including revenue and employment growth trends, the number and size distribution of companies, gross margins, wages, and many other operating statistics.

All data are presented using a single, internally consistent format to permit direct comparisons among the sub-sectors. Each chapter also contains expert commentary by Dr. Adam J. Fein, well-known wholesale distribution industry expert, to help you interpret the sector data in light of current macroeconomic trends.

This report will be an invaluable reference tool for anyone selling to, investing in, or managing a wholesaler-distributor. Wholesale distribution executives can use the data to evaluate their market position. Manufacturers can use this report to benchmark their distribution channel economics, while technology firms can use can the report to develop better sales and marketing plans.

This report is derived from information collected by the U.S. Census Bureau, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Most of the data has been statistically adjusted based on proprietary analyses of the wholesale distribution industry. The sub-sectors are based on the North American industry Classification System (NAICS), although certain sub-sectors have been combined and unbundled in order to better reflect actual economic arrangements.

Source: Research and Markets

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