Vacuum End Effectors for Pick and Place

Vacuum End Effectors for Pick and Place

The Schmalz modular system for vacuum end effectors (VEE) allows for fast and flexible gripper configurations for pick and place processes, for use in case packers, in carton and tray erecting machines, in top and side loading machines as well as in packaging machines with frequent format changes. A wide selection of combinations of vacuum feed and zones, connection elements and suction pad connections are available. All elements of the modular system are available for download as CAD models on the website of the manufacturer and are available in multiple formats to fit the user’s CAD drawing software.

The VEE modular system permits minimum configurations with one suction pad or a size of 38x38 mm and a dead weight of only 60 g. The largest configurable vacuum end effector comes with 12 suction pads at variable distances and a maximum gripper size of 300x200 mm at a weight of 800 g. Users can also select specialized suction pads including a flat suction pad SGPN for handling fragile foil and blister packaging, flat suction pad SPF for handling stable cardboard boxes, bellows suction pad SPB4 for handling filled bags or flow wrap packaging.

The VEE masters loads of up to 5 lbs and process accelerations up to 10 g (100 m/s²) regardless of the type of product it is handling, which means it meets all the requirements of the fast pick and place processes typical for the packaging industry. All VEE elements are made of polysulfone PSU according to FDA guidelines. They are resistant to alkaline and acidic cleaning agents and can be steam sterilized. This makes them suitable not only for the packaging industry but especially for use in the food processing industry.


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