Vacuum-Loaded Materials Conveyors

Vacuum-Loaded Materials Conveyors

Cyclonaire Corporation’s vacuum-loaded pressure discharge C-Series Conveyors use medium pressure blower air to load and convey materials with less abrasive wear and particle degradation. The semi-dense C-Series pneumatic conveyors are best suited to handle abrasive materials that are friable, such as powders, pellets or granular materials. They have a conveying capacity of five to 80 tons per hour or more, depending on the model and application. Applications include bulk carrier, IBC and bulk bag unloading, and silo-to-silo and in-plant transfer. With optional load cells, the C-Series also can weigh and batch multiple materials and offer inventory control.

C-Series semi-dense conveyors use medium pressure blower air to venturi-vacuum load and convey material at intermediate line velocities (1500-3500 fpm) and material-to-air ratios, resulting in less wear and tear on equipment, increased productivity and particle improvement. Vacuum assisted, gravity loaded C-Series models also are available.

Cyclonaire Corporation

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