Vans Shoes Utilizes enVista's Transportation Cost Management Solutions

LOS ANGELES, March 31 /PRNewswire/ -- enVista, a leading provider of tailored logistics and transportation cost management solutions, today announced that Vans (Nasdaq: VANS) is using enVista's transportation cost management tool, ShipINFO(TM), to streamline their transportation operation and decrease their shipping expenses across the board.

By using ShipINFO, Vans is able to close the gap between shipping and delivery and proactively manage their freight and carrier providers' service and performance. By having all of their shipping information in one central location they can proactively monitor their FedEx and UPS shipments every step of the way, watching for delivery exceptions and failures on shipments that are guaranteed. When shipments don't meet the guaranteed delivery time, Vans is then able to collect refunds from their carriers. Vans Shoes has seen noticeable savings on their annual shipping expenses with ShipINFO.

"Since we started using ShipINFO we have gained increased visibility of our carrier's performance which has lead to increased customer satisfaction and an enhanced partnership with our carriers," said Donald Petersen, Vice President of Logistics at Vans.

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