Altra Industrial Motion offers a comprehensive series of electric forklift motor brakes, wheel brakes and permanent magnet brakes for OEM forklift manufacturers through its industry-leading brands, Warner Electric and Matrix International.

The standard traction motor brake for parking and stopping is the electrically-released dynamic (ERD) brake. The ERD can be hydraulically amplified to combine spring force with variable hydraulic force. Or, for demanding reach truck applications, the ERD Bi-Functional brake combines hydraulics with an electromagnetic failsafe brake. A low-profile design, called the Pan-Cake (PK) is suitable for dual-drive configurations.

Load wheel brakes from Warner Electric provide additional braking force for applications that need increased load and speed capacity. And Varistop brakes from Matrix offers variable torque braking for smooth operation and stepless torque change suitable for very narrow aisle trucks and high-level order pickers.

Warner Electric / Matrix International brands of
Altra Industrial Motion, Braintree, MA

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