Vastera Participates in the US Customs' Trade Partnership Against Terrorism Program

Dulles, VA - Vastera, Inc. (NASDAQ: VAST), the worldwide leading provider of solutions for Global Trade Management (GTM), today announced that it has been accepted as a member of the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection's Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) Program.

Inclusion in C-TPAT offers Vastera customers who are C-TPAT participants expedited clearance and reduced physical examinations through Customs' checkpoints, particularly in the event of a global trade lockdown.

"Participation in C-TPAT demonstrates Vastera's continuing commitment to work with the Bureau of Customs and Border Protection to achieve secure, safe, compliant and efficient border crossings for our clients," said George Weise, VP of Global Trade Content for Vastera. "This certification is a key differentiator for Vastera and is a vital part of the GTM solutions provided to our customers."

"Companies must take a holistic perspective to trade security because the weakest link is likely to be outside your four walls," said Adrian Gonzalez, Director of Logistics Executive Council for ARC Advisory Group. "Therefore, C-TPAT certification must not only be an internal objective, but also a requirement for suppliers, freight forwarders, brokers, transportation providers and other external parties that enable your supply chain processes. By obtaining C-TPAT certification, Vastera has demonstrated its ability to comply with the trade security requirements of Customs and its commitment to provide this compliance to its clients."

The C-TPAT program was developed by U.S. Customs after evaluating the economic impact of the events which occurred on September 11, 2001. After completing a rigorous validation process, members of C-TPAT are granted preferential treatment for importing goods because of their commitment to a secure supply chain. While membership in C-TPAT is not mandatory, many manufacturers encourage their supply chain members to apply for the program. Vastera is currently the only GTM provider to be certified in this program, which further demonstrates its commitment to its customers and global trade security.

Vastera is a worldwide leader in providing solutions for Global Trade Management For more information, please visit

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