Tapeswitch is introducing their new VBL-250 safety bumper, the latest addition to their well-known line of Safety Sensing Bumpers. The VBL-250 Safety Bumpers are very durable as they are designed to withstand high impact areas. These durable but sensitive safety bumpers activate from an average of 4 pounds with a full collapse achieved as low as 34N. The Poly Urethane jacketed switch compartment adds to the overall durability and also protects the switch from dirt and moisture. The winged version of the VBL-250, VBL-250-W provides full wrap around corner protection for your vehicle. The VBL-250 Safety Bumper is 2.5 inches wide and available for 4 inches to 16 feet long. They are capable of up to 8 inches of collapse or crush distance. For smaller applications, there is also the VBL-125 Safety Bumper which is only 1.25 inches wide and has most of the qualities of the VBL-250.

The VBL-250 is a custom designed sensing bumper suitable for use on AGVs, mobile platforms, traveling conveyors, and other moving equipment or machinery.

Bob Keats, General Manager of Tapeswitch Canada points out, “The new VB Safety Bumper is a great compliment to our safety bumper and edge product line. We strive to manufacturer top of the line safety and sensing products to stay competitive in today’s changing marketplace.”

Tapeswitch is the leading manufacturer of electronic safety equipment. Tapeswitch offers a full line of sensing and signaling products for protection, detection and safety.

For a free audit by a Tapeswitch Regional Sales Manager, or to view their extensive line of products, visit them online at www.tapeswitch.com or call toll-free at 1-800-234-8273 and speak to Barry Lipsman.

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