APPLETON, Wis., - Sustainability is the hot new topic in packaging circles, but environmentally sound packaging solutions are nothing new to Laminations.

From the beginning, Laminations has been committed to providing maximum protection with minimal packaging material that is recyclable and recycled. Now, as Wal-Mart and other influential retailers are phasing in sustainable packaging guidelines for their suppliers, Laminations is well positioned to help manufacturers achieve the 7 R’s of sustainable packaging: For example:

• Remove Packaging: Four pieces of VBoard® edge protection inconjunction with stretch wrap or banding can unitize and stabilize a pallet load,eliminating the need for bulky corrugated shrouds.
• Reduce Packaging: Hundreds of pallet loads of product can be packaged with only one pallet of VBoard.
• Reuse Packaging: Many Laminations’ products can be returned andreused in a closed-loop system to unitize multiple loads over time.
• Renew(able): Wastewater used in Laminations’ printing process isreused in the manufacturing process, saving thousands of gallons of water each year.
• Recycle(able): All Laminations products are 100 percentrecyclable and all paperboard products are made from recycled fiber that is on the average 80 percent post-consumer waste and 20 percent pre-consumer waste.
• Revenue: (economic benefits): VBoard can be used to square off normally unstackable loads for better space utilization, resulting in more efficient shipping in terms of cost and energy use.
• Read (education): Laminations is committed to being a first call for manufacturers as they identify and select the most appropriate environmentally responsible packaging solutions.

For information on how Laminations’ sustainable packaging solutions can help manufacturers meet the new guidelines for sustainable packaging, including not only Laminations solutions but also links to other valuable information sources, visit the Sustainability section at www.laminationsonline.com.

Business inquiries regarding the company’s products and services should be directed to Gary N. Hietpas, vice president, marketing and sales, at (800) 925-2626.

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