VEC Enters into Wind Energy Blade Industry

MINNEAPOLIS– VEC Technology, majority-owned subsidiary of Genmar Holdings Inc., will be providing VEC-built containers to the Army National Guard, while taking its first foray into the wind energy blade industry.

VEC recently received a $1.5 million initial test order from the Army National Guard to build VEC composite containers, and began delivering the first containers last week.

The company also announced that its technology center in Greenville, Pa. has developed a sophisticated process for manufacturing composite wind blades for the wind energy industry.

One of the obstacles to the technology has been cracking in large fiberglass wind energy blades throughout wind power farms in North America. The majority of problems, according to VEC, are inconsistencies in manufacturing technique.

VEC believes that its closed-molded processes for manufacturing wind blades offers a precise and consistent blade, lighters and stronger, producing more energy, further helped by a satin finish.

“The VEC close-molded process also creates a cleaner ecologically-friendly working environment resulting in positives to both our employees and the overall environment,” said Irwin L. Jacobs, Chairman of VEC.

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