Vehicle Access Control

Vehicle Access Control

BEA’s Matrix single and double digital induction loop detector provides vehicle access control and safety for doors and gates in industrial applications. The detector has advanced settings that allow users to customize detection fields and time of activation to best fit their needs.

The Matrix detector activates and/or holds open a gate as soon as a vehicle enters or remains in its field of detection. The double loop model is also capable of operating a second, independent loop, so that an additional function can be performed with the same detector. An integrated potentiometer allows for fine tuning of sensitivity and presence time, which can be selected in increments from one minute to infinity. The Matrix has four frequency settings to ensure no crosstalk occurs between adjacent loops.

In the event of a loss of power, the Matrix will remember and revert to its most recent settings. The detector automatically adjusts to outside temperatures, so operation is unaffected by weather conditions.


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