Vehicle-Mount Computers

Vehicle-Mount Computers

Mississauga, ON, Canada Psion Teklogix, a global provider of solutions for mobile computing, wireless data collection, imaging and RFID, today launched the 8580 and 8590 Vehicle-Mount computers – two rugged wireless Vehicle-Mount computers ideally suited to customers who demand optimum performance in harsh environments.

Based on the industrial XTX processor board standard, the 8580 and 8590 Vehicle-Mount computers easily integrate with Psion Teklogix’ wireless backbone and rugged mobile devices, as well as other wireless LAN solutions, to provide workers with real-time access to warehouse management tools and ensure rapid data capture.

Built for use in rugged environments such as warehouses, ports, manufacturing operations and yards, the 8580 and 8590 are perfect for managing forklift truck operations. With the 8580 and 8590 mobile workers can accurately receive, put-away, replenish, pick, ship and track inventory in their cold storage facilities and harsh outdoor environments.

Two serial RS232, Ethernet and two USB host ports allow easy connection to a large range of peripherals such as bar code, RFID scanners or printers by using cost efficient standard connectors.

Both the 8580 and 8590 Vehicle-Mount computers run on Windows XP Professional or XP Embedded offering full PC functionality and dependable operation. They both can be operated via the touch screen, keyboard, or mouse.

Windows XP Embedded allows a system setup without a spinning drive, increasing the resistance against the violent shock and vibration transferred from vehicles working in rugged indoor and outdoor applications. Further customization to address harsh industrial needs include automatic shutdown, and integrated heating for the very low temperature range.

"The 8580 and 8590 Vehicle-Mount computers set a new standard for vehicle-mounted solutions offering our customers multiple options and complete versatility," said Rob Vandervecht, vice-president marketing at Psion Teklogix. "By providing rugged solutions such as the 8580 and the 8590, Psion Teklogix is showing its commitment to invest in products that address the ever-changing need of our customers in the supply chain and logistics industries."

A key feature of the 8590 is its high resolution 12.1-inch XGA (1024 by 768) screen that lets leading warehouse management applications run without the need of adapting the user interface. The 8580 offers a large 10.4 inch SVGA display that is readable in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

The 8580 and 8590 Vehicle-Mount computers are available to customers through Psion Teklogix' global sales offices and value-added resellers.

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