Vendor News: CHEP Opens First Automotive Service Centre in Turkey

CHEP USA (Orlando), the global supplier of pallet and container pooling solutions, officially commenced operations at its latest Automotive European Pool Service Centre in Gebze, Turkey, a suburb of Istanbul. The service centre will store, distribute, and wash foldable large container (FLC) and Kleinladungstrger (KLT) containers to meet the needs of the domestic Turkish market as well as for the export of automotive parts to end users in other European countries.

The new facility is 2,200 square meters (approximately 24,000 square feet) and has two truck bays, one each for shipping and receiving. The Service Centre employs seven people under the management of Melike Kaya.

“As Turkey moves toward full membership into the European Union,” said Mircea Catalina, vice president, Automotive Service, CHEP Europe, “CHEP Automotive is delighted to announce our newest service centre in Gebze. The move to Turkey is part of our strategic plan to support all of our major customers from automotive and truck manufacturers to parts and equipment suppliers.”

The facility will expand to serve industries beyond the automotive sector as CHEP increases its marketing efforts in the region. Catalina also noted that all CHEP pallets at the Service Centre are heat-treated to meet the new legislation for the import of wooden pallets from countries outside the EU.

Source: CHEP USA

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