Vendor News: Dynamic Paint Products Reaches New Productivity and Efficiency Heights with WMS

Dynamic Paint Products Inc. (Mississauga, Ont.) is using Radio Beacon WMS, from Radio Beacon Inc. (Toronto,) at its Toronto and British Columbia warehouses. Since 1975, Dynamic has been manufacturing and distributing nearly 1,500 different paint products, which are carried by more than 6,000 retailers in North America and Europe. Integrated to Microsoft Dynamics SL, Radio Beacon WMS lets the company improve its efficiency and productivity levels while reducing operating costs.

Prior to installing the WMS software, Dynamic was operating from a paper-based warehouse, which frustrated its attempts to keep accurate inventory records and was negatively affecting the company's productivity. This also made it difficult for the company to meet its same-day shipping customer guarantee. Since implementing Radio Beacon WMS, the company has been able to improve their inventory control, allowing it to eliminate year-end inventory counts while maintaining close to 99.9% inventory accuracy.

The software has given Dynamic complete visibility of its material handling, order fulfillment, and shipping processes, allowing it to implement new productivity enhancing policies at each of its distribution centers. Dynamic has implemented pick zones, moving its high demand products into a separate zone to expedite the order fulfillment process even further. As a result of these process changes, the organization has been able to increase its lines picked per day by more than 20%, allowing the company to meet its "in by noon, out that same day" shipping policy.

Source: Radio Beacon Inc.

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